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Top Kids Craft Kits from Amazon: Keeping Kids Busy and Creative | Summer Crafts Kits for Kids

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Now that the school year has come to an end, parents often find themselves searching for ways to keep their kids engaged and entertained during the summer break. Craft kits are an excellent option as they provide children with endless opportunities for creativity and fun.

In this blog, we will showcase some of the top kid's craft kits available on Amazon that are sure to captivate young minds and keep them busy during their free time.

Let's dive in and explore these exciting craft kits that will unleash your child's imagination!

Kids Craft Kits
Crafts Kits for kids

#1 Crayola Inspiration Art Case:

Crayola has been a trusted brand for decades, and its Inspiration Art Case is a must-have for budding artists.

This comprehensive kit includes a wide array of art supplies like crayons, markers, colored pencils, and paper, all neatly organized in a portable case. From drawing and coloring to creating unique masterpieces, this kit is perfect for encouraging artistic expression.

Kids Summer Crafts
Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set

#2 Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art | Crafts Kits for kids

Let your child's imagination shine through their artwork with the Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art kit. This kit allows kids to design and paint their own window clings using vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. Once dry, the clings can be displayed on windows, mirrors, or any other smooth surface, instantly adding a touch of personalized charm to their surroundings.

Crafts Kits for kids
Create Your Own Window Art

#3 Alex Toys Craft Rock Pets:

Unleash your child's inner artist with the Alex Toys Craft Rock Pets kit. This delightful craft encourages creativity while providing a sense of accomplishment.

Crafts Kits for kids
Alex Toys Craft Rock Pets

The kit includes all the materials needed to transform ordinary rocks into adorable animal companions. Children can paint, decorate, and personalize their rock pets, making them unique and special.

#4 Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Craft Kits:

Melissa & Doug are known for their high-quality toys and craft kits, and their Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Craft Kits are no exception.

Crafts Kits for kids
Decorate Your Own Wooden Craft

These Crafts Kits for kids come in various themes like race cars, jewelry boxes, and butterfly magnets, allowing children to unleash their creativity while creating something functional. The wooden pieces are preassembled and ready to be decorated with paints, stickers, and glitter, resulting in a finished product that kids can proudly display or gift.

#5 Klutz Make Clay Charms Craft Kit:

The Klutz Make Clay Charms Craft Kit is perfect for kids who enjoy sculpting and jewelry-making. This kit includes colorful clay, charm bracelets, and a variety of tools to help children create their own unique clay charms. The detailed instructions and step-by-step guide make it easy for kids to follow along, ensuring successful creations every time.

Crafts Kits for kids
Make Clay Charms


Craft kits are a fantastic way to keep kids engaged and encourage their creativity during the summer break. The top kids' craft kits mentioned above, available on Amazon, offer a wide range of options for children to explore various art forms and express themselves. From painting and sculpting to designing and decorating, these craft kits provide hours of entertainment while fostering imagination and skill development.

So, why not grab one of these craft kits for kids and embark on a summer filled with artistic adventures with your child? Let their creativity soar as they enjoy these engaging and fun-filled activities.

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