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About Us

"We are excited to share some big news with our loyal crafting community. TG Candle Co, known for our high-quality candle-making supplies, has undergone an exciting transformation. Starting May 1, 2023, TG Candle Co has evolved to become a brand under our new, larger crafting entity – TG Crafting Co.

The primary motivation behind this change is to serve you, our valued customers, even better. We've listened to your needs and desires and, in response, have expanded our horizons to include a broader range of crafting supplies, encompassing not just candle making, but also products for bakers, resin artists, soap makers, and more.

While TG Crafting Co. now stands as the parent business, TG Candle Co. is not going anywhere. Instead, it's being refined and will continue to be the dedicated brand you know and love for all candle-making supplies. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and customer service remains stronger than ever.


This transition enables us to focus more intensely on the specific needs of our candle-making community under the TG Candle Co brand, while simultaneously addressing the diverse crafting needs of our wider customer base through TG Crafting Co.


We look forward to continuing to serve you under these improved arrangements and can't wait to see the wonderful creations you'll craft with our expanded product range. Thank you for your continued support and happy crafting!"

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