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Determining Your Target Audience

Updated: May 9, 2022

A business's success primarily depends on finding and engaging your prospective customers.

The first step to start a candle business is to know your customers and analyze different factors to create an effective buyer's persona. That way, you can test the prototype and receive feedback from your customers, allowing you to create a better product-market fit.

When finding and analyzing your customers, consider demographics data, including your prospective customers' age, gender, and geographic location. Make sure you create a fictional representation (buyer persona) of people who will buy your candles.

The following essential thing to focus on is the purchasing behavior of your customers. For instance, find out whether your target audience is interested in buying high-quality candles or average products. Do they shop online? If yes, what captures your customers' attention, and what are the platforms where they spend most of their time? When you answer these questions, you can create a perfect marketing plan to engage your prospective customers.

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